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Walk On

There's a hope in my heart,

Walking through the storm

A heavy storm.

With torrential downpour.

Constant winds

Unapologetic, brutal, barbaric

A monsoon

Sideways rain

There's a hope in my heart.

A dwindling twinkle

Searching for shelter

For a break

Somewhere to hide to keep me from the cold

Yet it followed me

Like a ghost

A haunting

A constant

What I thought could only happen in history

A weather pattern discussed from ancient times

A legend that could never occur in present day

A struggle we would never face

In my lifetime

Yet it came

It poured, viciously for years

Causing floods, overflows,

A bleeding into and an overwhelm into other aspects

Into unsuspecting lives

A murky, grey cloud

An ominous feeling

Yet today, the clouds broke

Even if only for a moment.

The sun shined

The wind calmed

The sky a bright blue.

There's a hope in my heart

As we celebrated the end of the rain

The end of the storm.

We walked through.

We walk on.

We made it.


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