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The Myth

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was cursed by an evil being. She never met this being, but she knew without a doubt He existed. She felt a sensitivity left by the burn of his touch. He took her away from her family and everything she knew and placed her in an unknown land with unknown people. He destined her to a life of never sensing belonging, never being related to and always feeling alone. He then removed her voice as she was never to speak of what He had done. Never able to warn others of his capabilities. His intent was to make her suffer.

As a result, she began to rely solely on her observations of everything she saw and everything she felt. She trusted only her instincts to get by, as she couldn’t trust anyone else. She never knew when the Evil being would return or in what form. She lived life on guard and ready for his arrival. Continuing to practice her technique in the process. Seeing and feeling. Picking up on energies around her. As she practiced and honed her skill, she became more attuned and confident in her ability to sense when he was coming and build the strength to take him on once he approached.

As she observed the new world around her, she began noticing how people interacted. She began to notice other's intent. She recognized evil within some, dark motives within others, some who never knew they had been touched by his hand as well. When she saw greed, gluttony, and sin, she saw His evil twinkle of pride inside their souls. She knew he lurked below the surface. He hid wherever he could be denied and go unseen or unrealized. It only made her more alert. As she got more attentive she could only recognize Him more clearly. But she could always see where he had been. Who he had infected.

The more she noticed the evil, the wrath, the envy, she also noticed when people were genuine, gentle and kind. See saw there was just as much light as dark. As many things left untouched by his gnarled hand than have been. Through her silence and her watchful eye, she learned to recognize the difference. She learned an ethic code. One that she wanted to live by. One that was the complete opposite of the Evil Presence. She knew this was the best way to defeat him, by not existing in his shadows. By not being run by fear of His plan. By not embracing His truth, or what He destined her for. Instead, no matter what, to live what she believed instead of relishing in what He had taken.

In the end, she realized that even though she couldn’t speak, she could create an inner voice. It would guide her to finding a place where she belonged. She realized she could surround herself with people who wished no harm, who were caring and compassionate, just as she aspired to be. Who wouldn’t allow Him to rule their lives. That love did exist, no matter what her circumstance. She could be heard without needing to speak. In that, she could create her own belonging, and break his curse, finding a freedom within herself. As she would be happy and would never allow herself to suffer as he wished.

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Josie L James
Josie L James
Oct 10, 2020

Thank you so much Lisa. I love getting your comments and insight. ❤️🧡💛


Lisa Dymond
Lisa Dymond
Sep 19, 2020

Jojo, I love the images you chose for this piece because they I felt the power of light and dark come through them. I also love this writing/re-writing of a character’s personal narrative to find redemption, triumph and sovereignty. The lines that made my skin crinkle were “...evil twinkle of pride,“ and “...untouched by his gnarled hand....”. Fantastical read, really enjoyed your story. 💕

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