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The Grace of Perfect Danger

The grace of perfect danger

To reach beyond limitation

The grace of perfect danger

The vulnerability that exists within

The unspoken truth

The raw emotion

So many hold tight, deep

That nugget of gold

The potential of connection

Only when shared,

When spoken, written,

Witnessed, heard

The grace of perfect danger

Only in the heart of the artist

Those brave enough to speak.

Those authentic enough to admit

While showing those bold enough to hear

Those capable of seeing past judgement

Those who can look into and notice the being

It is in this grace,

This perfect danger,

Where our souls can touch

Where we are heard, held

Understood and related to

Where we see our commonalities, our bond

Of the human race

It is only in this grace of perfect danger

That the words and experience becomes both our own

While becoming shared and experienced by another

The fear becomes power,

The doubt becomes belief,

The hidden becomes exposed

It is in the humble grace of sharing

Only reached in this perfect danger

Tucked in the heart of every person

To unleash into the world to be known.

Bonding those who have the courage to speak

With the recognition of those daring enough to listen

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