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The Cure

There are things I have never gotten over

Some things I don't share,

Haunting feelings inside

Some memories that refuse to subside.

That creep up from time to time

Not invited, unannounced

Like a tiger in the weeds, ready to pounce

To take over my current moment

And refuse to let go

Always lurking in the shadows

Reminding me what festers below

Feeding on the fears I have let lead

At times crushing me like a hungry stampede

Whose savage urge is impossible to feed

Feeling weak against its power, its strength

Trying to deny it, avoid it, ad nauseam, at great length

Me refusing to be its victim

Keep running or try to predict him

When he’ll jump or keep up with his pace

Instead, wrestled this emotion back in its place

Refusing to let it run me from my current space

I choose to stare back at the predator, face to face.

Going into the weeds to greet him, not blend in

Finding a spot for us both to coexist in

Eye to eye

As the storm swarms by.

Letting the winds of change blow past me

Without spreading to other parts

To not effect my goals, my choices, what's in my heart.

Instead of owning how it begun

Changing the future and what can be done

For I can be the decider of my own destiny,

Not this tiger who lays in front of me

Instead of running from what I fear

Or scared of what dangers lurk near,

Instead of feeding it my grief, having a change of heart

Beautifying the past into an art

Realizing I am not the pain, but it does play a part

In who I am and what I choose to be

I can remove the shackles and transform to be free.

For I am not caught

This doesn't have to be a battle or something I've fought

To join the tiger instead of run or hide

Realizing he is not a monster, just a sliver I carry inside.

Changing the shape into beauty from the pain

Another perception is what I gain

Another outlook, another form

Instead of struggle, an artist is born

We can exist together within the weeds

In the difficult places, But changing how I see

Like a kaleidoscope of splinters into a rainbow of peace

A kaleidoscope I hold up into the light of the sky for a peak

For it is as real as I,

This tiger in my minds eye

Both of us wild, both of us raw.

I reach out my trembling hand to grip its nervous paw

Knowing we must live together,

In the sunshine as well as the thunder

Instead of using the past as bait,

Both morphing, changing, to collaborate

In this body, within this soul,

Viewing my world in the wild instead of a black hole

I am not the pain,

Only a time I spent in the weeds

A creativity it now sparks and feeds

A place I get to visit instead of a life I led

Creating a story instead of a dread

Free to exist as it is

No longer avoiding, now curious, something of an allure

The living thing inside me,

The art I conjure,

Focusing on the beauty instead of the war

The pain will no longer devour me,

Now that I have sat with this tiger, and seen what I have endured

For it has changed me.

It is the way I view my pain that is my cure

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Josie L James
Josie L James

Thank you so much @drdianeomdcstd 😊❤️

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