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The Balance

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

There is a balance

Somewhere in the middle

Between the two different sides of life

The two different sides within.

The internal struggle

The push from the pull

The right from the wrong

The polarity that exists

Among us.

Within us.

The light and the dark

The yin and the yang

The balance only found from the existence of the other

Even the sun burning without the protection of the shade

The water drowning without the shore within reach.

A solid ground to stand

Amid float in the vast sea

The lesson in the mistake

The truth in the lie

The life after death

The love in the loss

The two extremes

Beating to their own distinct drum

Their own reality

Yet a common bond

The connection between the two

One's existence reliant of the other

The fall from grace

The Phoenix

Rising from the ashes

The process in the journey

The pendulum swinging

Right to left

The conflict between the two

The balance felt in moderation

The slightest wane shifting momentum

Throwing it off kilter

In the tiniest shift in motion

Yet the necessity to find the common ground.

To be able so stay on foot, upright, moving forward

To focus on the ties that bind us

Each existing in all of us.

Among us.

Within us.

Our common ground

Unsure of how we all could see

But a yearning instilled in me

To get there someway

A place where we see the other side

To see it exists because of the other

To feel the connection we all crave

Feeling the risk in the chance

A blind leap into faith

A weight in the unknown

Pausing in the doubt

Absorbed in the uncertainty

While existing in the question...

How do we get there?

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Beautiful , wise, and profound!

Josie L James
Josie L James
Oct 31, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much Diane.

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