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Roller Coaster

Well... this week has been kind of a dud.

No action. Joel’s half brother hasn’t checked his facebook messages. I reached out to his wife who seems to be on there a little more often than he is.

She hasn’t read it either.

The relatives I am linked with on 23 and me seem to be rather distant. Once and twice removed.

I may be at a dead end.

But then again, I’m not a quitter.

I decided to order an kit as well. Just in case anyone from my birth family has tried that one instead.

Steve also sent me an adoptee PI (Private Investigator). But I’m not willing to do that yet. This is a journey I kind of want to go on for as long as it will allow me to ride it. I like the discovery. I like that it is happening slowly. It’s giving me time to process every moment. It’s giving me the time to make sure I’m ok with whatever next step needs to be taken. It gives me the time to be ready. Sure. To honor myself.

I’m the only one who can.

Finding more family members will not change that. It will only answer some lingering questions. It will open doors. But only when they are meant to be open.

I’m gonna be patient. I’m gonna hang on and keep on truckin’. We’ll see what happens… and I’ll keep you posted.

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as a fellow adoptee, I appreciate your approach, recognizing the entire experience relies on you, start to finish. No finding of a particular relative or loose end will complete us. That is indeed our inside job. xo

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