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You know when it's happening

The tiny voice inside you

Constantly whispering



This isn't for you

You don't belong here

Yet, you linger

As if collecting more evidence

Like a scientist needing to prove your theory

A detective building your case

To yourself.

To remove the guilt

Take away the doubt

Justify your emotions

Confirm your psyche

The voice inside you that already knew

That has been vibrating your soul

Like a tiny engine willing to ignite

Preparing you

Awaiting the moment you are ready to commit

But you have already left

The journey already in motion

You are going

A part of you already gone

Only a matter or time now

When you will feel comfortable enough

To take the first step outward

Leaving behind only the feathers you have shed

But a fact none the less

The moment that can no longer be postponed

Or ignored

Never forgotten

The whisper becomes a cry

Then a scream

Transformed into a push

You no longer belong

You might never have

Only you know

You always did

Somewhere inside you

The voice that whispers

So you finally get to stepping

Where your angels cheer with excitement

Your spirit rejoices

You have listened

You have chosen yourself

You are ready.

You will be ok.

You always have been

You are equipped with everything you need.

That voice, your soul,

You have begun

Your voyage

To who you will become

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