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What's inside that lies?

What truths do you despise?

Be ignited or be gone?

Speak loudly or be withdrawn?

What sparks your soul?

What takes a toll?

What stirs inside you?

Where to do you run? Where do you hide to?

What lights your flame?

What breathes passion through your veins?

What breeds force?

Taking you off expected course

What beam exists within you?

What have you muted to appease a few?

What’s begging to be multiplied?

Instead of ignored or criticized

What kindles in your roots?

What shakes in your boots?

What's begging to be gassed?

What's left unsurpassed?

What are you not showing I ask?

What wants to be spoken?

Become unmasked

Revealed for all to see

For all that it is and all its supposed to be

What needs to arise?

What no longer can be disguised?

Will you let it emerge?

Do you follow it, allow, or will you submerge?

As I sit here at a desk

Hearing my own request

Examining my passion, my purpose, my path

Accepting my darkness, my anger, my wrath

Knowing I stand exactly where I should

This will inside me now understood

Accepting these parts of me

Unraveling a process into a journey

Acknowledging all exist, churning within me

Peeling each layer, one by one

Exposing the underbelly, what needs to be done

Instead of denied

Now is the time

To bare all I hold inside.

Uncloaked and set free

The pain spoken instead of complied

Noticing the trigger

The strength and the vigor

Of who I am and how I’ve become

All the choices I’ve made, the things I have done

The time is now to return

To ignite that flame and watch it burn

Knowing every emotion has a power, each gets a turn

My fire illuminating the darkness that has resonated so deep

Using the secrets as kindle, no longer to keep

The embers fanning into an inferno

Admitting the shame, ignoring the ego

The beauty in the destruction now mine to reclaim.

The glow in the illumination, the burning untamed

All the darkness lit that used to engulf me

All these parts, these pieces of me.

Now setting ablaze to arise a different version to be

From ash is born a new me

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