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How do I live in the unknown

Not having the answers I seek

To stay in the uncertainty without turning a cheek

To merely exist in the questions

To not ask with obsession

How do I lean in and experience the moment

To let go of doubt as my opponent

How do I sit back and allow the unrevealed to take the wheel

To surrender to the process and accept how I feel

To share and record just as they are.

To expose my thoughts no matter how bizarre

Ah… could that itself be the difficulty

The hard work, to slow down and go within

To catch where I am before I begin

The sensation of feeling each foot step forward

Realizing it is my soul I move toward

The patience to not look for what’s coming

Not looking behind

Nor denying what's mine

To see what is right before me

And accept what I find

To listen deeply to whatever wants to be said

Instead of focusing on what lies ahead

Recording word after word

Avoiding the fear no one cares or the voice I’m absurd

Just listen for the whisper

As it echos within

That only I can pick up

That can only be heard in the unknown

In the welcome of uncertainty

Putting my faith in the powers that be

Only as it comes and without a plan

To feel the emotion without knowing where it will land

To float in the vagueness

Exist in the cloud

In the silence or the screams out loud

To give myself permission to be out of the game

To not have control, to question if sane

To embrace the fear and keep moving just the same

Not knowing if coming or going

If flying or grounding

To speak out even with a stutter

Not shooting for a star

Nor aiming for a gutter

To be ok with what is

Just as it lays

While not giving up

But discovering a different way

A direction I otherwise might not have swayed

How harsh it may seem

To dwindle in anticipation

And coven what is not seen.

Defining nothing as it seems

Trusting the love and welcoming the pain

To be wild, free and untamed

To live in the unknown

And see what I gain.

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