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Deep in My Heart...

"Deep in my heart, I do believe,

We shall overcome some day,"

Those lyrics playing over and over in my mind.

Willing them to be true.

Deep in my heart, I see the country we still are.

The unity we yearn for.

The freedom we cherish and desire

The country now ablaze.

A nation now on fire.

Thousands of people marched a few days ago.

Led by their commander in chief.

Told he would walk beside them

Igniting their false belief.

That he was a genuine man

His heart with the will of the people.

Instead he left them on their own to

Trespass, disgrace, terrorize our American steeple.

Where they broke windows, urinated on walls and demolished plaques

Dedicated to John Lewis and our heroes

While they deny systematic racism exists against the blacks.

While mostly white men stormed Capitol Hill with barely a rubber bullet tossed.

If they were black and attempted to enter

Many lives would be lost

The hypocrisy as they roamed through unmanned

As some officers let them in,

And selfies were taken with the aggressive mob as they stand.

While other blue lives tried to defend those sacred halls.

They were bludgeoned and stomped wherever they fall.

In the Capitol, where the elected meet.

The heart of our democracy

All because our leader refused to concede.

Instead he spewed lies, which they believe

Where conspiracies were chanted,

and truth was denied

Where glass and windows were shattered

And 5 people died.

Beaten, shot, while defending a false claim

Police, veterans, “lovers of this country”

Wrongly attacking the innocent they blame

For carrying out the correct electoral votes,

The voice of we the people

Instead they preach Qanon quotes

As they have now committed felonies

Hate crimes with misdirected anger

Their fate now in our systems eyes

As we watch expecting a fairness to arise.

Hold them accountable.

To the sad truth, they have become radicalized.

For carrying out a command by a man who will admit no fault.

While he spreads these falsehoods hoping they will energize

To the point of assault,

Sparking fake fears of socialism,

The Qanon lies of pedophelia, even of infantcide.

Conspiracies brainwashing these fellow Americans

Igniting them with a passion and false pride

That they are carrying out a good for the nation

When they have been fed false information

When what they really need is an honest education

In order to form any kind of transformation

Instead standing steadfast as proud boys

Honored to commit to again if led

Serving a POTUS, who left them instead

To protect whatever he may have left.

To leave the rest of the nation completely bereft.

His true authenticity revealed.

As they continue to believe they are fighting for freedom

Preaching to them to attempt to “Stop the steal”

Allegations with zero evidence, no proof,

as their leader watches democracy burn while remaining aloof

These folks now indoctrinated with a narrative that isn’t true

Left to fester and left to stew.

Believing they were falsely wronged.

An unnecessary pain they can't see beyond.

Now captors and divided by these radical beliefs.

When freedom is the one thing both sides truly seek.

A swamp he infested instead of promising to drain.

A swamp they now became a part of

With his words and his media igniting the flames.

Actions they must be held accountable for

For choosing to believe in unsubstantiated claims.

The same conspiracies the nazis spoke of about the jews

Bringing a nasty history into present day

"Killing babies", "drinking blood" only some of the rumors they say

Turning the date of January 6th into one of our nations darkest hours

When the blind infiltrated our government

What he created will not leave, even after his removal from power.

While the whole world watched our own attack each other.

Demolishing a democracy we ourselves would smother.

I hope we can reunite

as history has shown we always have.

To the freedom we cherish and desire

With the country now ablaze.

A nation now on fire.

Deep in my heart, I hope we can overcome someday.

One of the saddest days in US history.

His presidency will forever live in infamy.

Something must be done in Congress, in protests, or on the Senate floor

Something, in order for unity to be restored.

I do believe, we'll get there.

Deep in my heart.

My fear is it will only get uglier

Before the mending will start.

A hatred we must ban.

So we can return to the core of we the people.

The United States, where we stand.

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1 Comment

Lisa Dymond
Lisa Dymond
Jan 09, 2021

Jojo, your words are likely echoing the sentiments of so many people in shock, infuriated & yearning for the mending. I felt the depth of impact in your reflections.

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