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Born Again

I want to be born again

To the same life

Surrounded by the same people

I want to know and recognize

The things to come

The things I will lose

The things I forgot to notice

The things I will see differently

Now on the other side

Now that I know

That moments are fleeting

Slipping through my fingertips,

Like a mirage

A facade

Soon only a memory

A loss

A hole

I want to be born again

And not take it for granted

Every moment

Every heart break

Knowing it will leave me

Teaching me a lesson in its wake

Realizing I will make it through

In a way all the moments

Will not.

I want to be born again

To tell her I loved her.

To express how I felt

To explain her worth

To not be afraid to show

To know the importance

Of each embrace

Of every emotion

No matter how painful

I want to be born again

To tell her I will be ok

When the darkness comes

I will see the light

She taught me to search for

The glow of her protection

In all the effort of how

She loved

Shielding me beyond the grave

I want to be born again

To tell her how much she mattered

How her words

Her love

Would carry me through life

I want to be born again

To know when I experienced death

When a part of me felt broken

A new beginning would come

A new me would crack through my soul

Proving, I could be born again.

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