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A Lone Blue Crayon

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

There once was a young girl sitting in a bare room with an old woman. Just the two of them, a rocking chair, a rug and a table. On the table lay a lone blue crayon.

"There's nothing to do." Said the little girl.

The old woman rocked in her chair, staring out the dusty window. "There's something in everything," She spoke softly.

The little girl, assuming the old woman didn't understand her says, "I'm bored."

"Ah." Said the old woman. "Then what a time to create."

"What can I create with nothing?" Asked the girl.

"There is a blue crayon." The old woman said.

The little girl looks on the wooden table. At the blue crayon.

"What can I make with that?" Asks the girl.

The old woman continued, "You can create anything. A world. A picture. Something new. Something only you and that crayon can do. Only you can know."

The little girl pictured rainbows, unicorns, flowers and hearts in her mind. All things that are colorful and lively. All that are not blue.

"All things I'm interested in are not blue. Blue is just... blue. What can blue be?"

The old woman, still gazing out of the dusty window, softly spoke again, "Blue can be anything. The beginning of a new day and all its potential. The dark blue of night coming to life. Welcoming the moon to light up the dark sky. Blue could be the ocean. Cold to touch. Deep as the sea. It can be the air that breathes life into your lungs. It can be the hottest point of a flame. A flicker that can burn and singe your soul. All things with depth and undefinable. All things magical. Necessary. Alive. The blue crayon, in its own color, in its own shade, lies an infinite power. A power never wasted coloring something it isn't. Instead, a color that relishes in all that it is. In all it can be."

The little girl walked over and picked up the blue crayon. Unknowing of what would become, she sat down and began creating what only she and that crayon could do.

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