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Your Reports Are Ready

“Your reports are ready.”

I saw the email from 23 and me sitting in my mailbox.

A rush of emotions taking over me. This could mean anything. Or it could mean nothing. Maybe nothing was found. Maybe no one was found. Maybe my results are inconclusive, as happened to a friend of mine. But why would it say my “reports are ready”? ...There must be reports to be ready then… right?

I sat staring at the subject line of the unopened email. Kind of frozen. A little numb. A tiny overwhelmed. This moment I fantasized my whole life for. An answer. Or a potential lead. Or a potential nothing.

I don't know why, but I didn't want to open it alone. I texted Joy.

“OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!” Was her reply.

My response… “I don’t want to open it. (With a scared emoji face)

“Let’s talk before you open it.”

We did… we talked.. and texted… A LOT.

We came up with the idea, for full transparency, and for documentation for Finley, to video both reveal and response. No matter what either were.

Our date was going to our local hiking spot, which is my happy place. She would bring the blanket and Buddha. I would bring the pizza and salad and she would film while Finley and I opened.

Knowing the little reception I have on my phone when we hike, I knew I somehow had to print the results, without looking, to take with us. I opened the email, while covering my screen. Pressed print on whatever unknown report was on the screen. And folded it without looking, placing it into an envelope.

We met at our spot where Finley and I opened the envelope.

I shared DNA with other 23 and me customers!

Bad news… I didn’t print that report.

I hadn’t looked at anything I printed so wasn’t aware there was another report to print. BUT, we managed to get one, ONE BAR of wifi. Enough to open the report…

I found a first cousin! I even saw a picture. One, I have looked at many times since last night. His hair dark, with a little hint of red in his beard. His eyes look blue. ( The only info I have of my birth mother is of her red hair and blue eyes)

A first cousin, it is likely, who shares the same set of grandparents as I do. Which means, I not only potentially get to meet a relative... but one who knows the identity to one or both of my biological parents... I could find out names. Locations. Real live people.

All I have to do now, is press a "Connect" button on the website. Which I have still yet to do... I may need another week. But, I promise to keep you "posted."

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