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Where Is It Written

Where is it written

I have to be one thing or another

If the journey is paved

If it is somewhere engraved

What I am supposed to be

Or is the choice up to me

Mine to aspire

Or has it been chosen what I should long for

Etched in stone explaining each desire

Each hunger for affection

The urge to balance the wire

Between right and wrong

What the heart seeks

Where my body belongs

What is the point to not have what I wish

To not taste the juice of a fruit

To not devour each morsel, savor each dish

Why would I want so intensely

If what I desired could not be found

Why dream so grandiose

If considered unsound

If the possibility wasn't truly there

If my yearning wasn't realized.

If my craving wasn't declared

Why would it feel so good to touch

If it were forbidden or dismissed as too much

Who chooses what is worthy to trust

What should be kept a pipe dream, what should be determined a must

What gets to claim that huge responsibility

Where is it inscribed what is the best for me

To define what is meant to be,

How things will unfold,

What kind of story is decided or left untold

When I am filled with passion, with heart, with the entirety of me

Why would I feel so deep,

If this yearning couldn't be complete

Why would I fall so hard

If my hopes and dreams could become marred

What is the point, what is the reason,

If not to give life each season

Each emotion,

Each churn

Isn't that what life is about.

To risk, to love, to doubt

But continue to learn

To follow our heart, the human experience

The highs, the lows, the many variance

Written by our own hand, on our own soul

The ability to claim our own destiny

What we are as a whole

Taking the chance on what could be

Deciding what is the worth the risk for eternity

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