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When I Was Little

I would imagine a wishing well

One I would drop all my wishes into

Wishes I would never tell

A fountain of youth

Where dreams dripped

And hopes splashed

Magic flowed

Possibilities within my grasp

The words sprinkled from my tongue

Like glitter being thrown

Telling secrets I held so tightly

Kept so closely to the bone

That I packed away in mud pies

Concoctions willed into wild flower stews

Potions coveted and produced

Becoming a cauldron of wishes I brewed

Beneath moon beams and a lavender velvet sky

Crickets who spoke and grasshoppers passing by

Ferns and wild huckleberry braided in my hair

Dancing in wheat fields, the sunset in my glare

Where I transformed from a peasant girl

Into a princess

Protected from evil queens with butterfly kisses

Basking beneath a giant willow tree

That glistened like pixie dust as it swayed

Tucking me into this mystical place

Next to fragrant moon flowers,

Magenta morning glories

Out of the blue, I would realize these wishes were just stories

That I told myself so reality wasn't all that it seemed

Yet I chose to exist here, in what I dreamed

Where my worries softened like melting butter

Igniting my wishes back into a flutter

Realizing these fantasies were not done by mistake

They were what saved me

What I wanted as fate

A place I could return past those golden gates

All I had to do was imagine

Under the hue of the setting sun

Close my eyes, and witness what has already begun

My own fairy tale that I could make

Back into a world that only I could create.

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