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Turning One

This week marks the first anniversary of Becoming Josie. The one year mark of this blog. That began in the seclusion of a pandemic, through a virtual connection and strong bond I formed with my writing community and with my mentors in a time our world froze. Who have all supported me as I began this. Who have stuck by my side encouraging me to continue. Who have witnessed me crack open, behind the safety of a mask. Exposing parts of myself that I had previously always kept hidden or stories I thought were buried forever. My mentors, Joshua and Adam, who suggested I do this. Ann, who keeps me writing daily. My writing peers who are discovering and unveiling along with me. My friends who have signed in each week and read what I have written or what I am admitting or uncovering. The people who I have met along the way that have either found the blog or stumbled across it. Who have subscribed to go on this journey with me. Who have said kind words or related in one way or another. Proving the power of story. How it unites us all. How it magically makes us all more human. How it can still connect us when the world at times feels so divided. How it can link us by experience, heart and emotions over beliefs, politics or stigmas.

I thought about posting a write about a beginning, or a year, or what this historic year has been. But instead I want to only express my gratitude for whoever is or has read any of this. You who is going for the ride along with me. You keep me going. You keep me sharing by allowing me to admit who I am and by exposing a part of you in the process. A crucial part I never got to see in my silence. This blog, writing and those you read it, have given me a sense of belonging. On the page. I belong in the telling of my story. And I have you to thank for that. So, today marks a celebration. A birthday. An anniversary. Of taking a chance to air my skeletons, exposing my thoughts and feelings and gaining a freedom by revealing and a deeper relationship with those who are with me. Those who share back. This experience has given me so much more than just words or nostalgia, it has brought a healing and a revived life. It has been more than a creation, it has been a birth. And I thank you deeply for joining me. So, happy birthday to this blog, here's to telling our stories... and here's to many more.

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Your blog has been a weekly treat for me, like a piece of candy, that I wait for just the right moment to unwrap and savour. Happy Birthday!

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