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The Rooster

The cock crows. Before the sun rises. While the sky is still dark. The air is still chilled. The dew is still fresh. The moon hovers still over looking both the city and country side. The world is still snoozing. While I lay awake.

Comfortable. Wrapped in blankets of warmth. Yet my mind begins to race as I inhale the freshness of the new day. I am alert while in the dark.

I begin to think of the day. What lies ahead. The few precious moments I still have before it ends… and the new day begins.

I lay there thinking about how I have been asleep. How it would be easiest to roll over, close my eyes and go back to sleep as I have so many other mornings before.

But I hear the rooster. The desperation in his throat. The warning in his tone. With his crow comes a new dawn. An awakening. One I cannot deny. No matter how much I want to stay tucked into my darkness. Into the comfort of familiarity.

I gaze out the window. My head still resting on my pillow. The moon is fading. The sun just barely coming up. Changing the view of the sky. Morphing from black to purple to a periwinkle blue.

My eyes have been open long enough to see the shift. To now realize I can’t go on ignoring the different view. I have witnessed it happen. I have experienced the change

The new day has awaken me. I see the night is over. Everything in the morning light has altered. Including how I have woken.

There is no going back to the same evening as before.

From this moment on, it will always be different. It always has been. Only I forgot to look. I kept closing my eyes. Rolling over. Falling back asleep.

But today, I listened to cry of the rooster. The cock a doodle do. The alarm sounding it is time. To rise. To shine. To wake.

I focus on his call. How he belts out with every cell of his body. Loudly announcing to the world this new day. Alerting everyone to wake. To listen.

To notice the new view. The new vision. Do not go back to sleep. This moment will never happen again. The same beginning will only happen once. His warning echoing in the morning light. Carrying in the breeze.

I hear him. I listen.

I am awake, feeling the new dawn stir inside me. Noticing the switch. I will not roll over. I will not close my eyes. I will not go back to sleep. I am ready for the day… and everything it brings.

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A beautiful invitation to prescence….

“it is a new day”( the song comes to mind) …. And I smile …. A lovely poetic piece …. Thank you , Josie

Josie L James
Josie L James
May 13, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Diane. ❤️🧡💛

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