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The Road

There is a road. From a young child, A road I have always known was there.

A road I am supposed to walk on.

In my minds eye,

In my hearts center,

In the glow of my soul. This road is knowingly out of my grasp

The road is also knowingly where I am meant to stand.

Without directions to get there,

Instinct knew this road would one day be my home.

Faith knew I would one day get there.

Will and passion knew to be my guide.

This road may not be where my legs stood

But I knew it was over yonder,

Out in the horizon,

Where my feet were going to step

Envisioning it in my mind. The feeling of knowing when I would reach it,

I would recognize the road once I stood firmly on its ground.

I would know it was where I belonged.

Alarmed with time,

I would eventually arrive.

Not today, but someday.

Another moment. Another time.

But I will.

I must.

The road is still not within my grasp,

But I can now see it in my sight

I can feel it vibrate in my soul,

As long as I keep going,

Little by little,

Stride by stride,

Trudge by trudge,

Over the mountains,

Through the resistance,

Past the exhaustion,

My only job is to not stop moving toward the road.

Through the brushes and trees The rough terrain, the tangled vines.

To keep inching forward

Grip by grip,

Word by word

Life will continue to happen,

Until I appear on its pavement,

As I continue the march

To where I am meant to be

Not yet in my grasp.

But now within reach.

On the road I am destined to walk on.

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