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The Love in Life

To love in life

To live, to feel

The joy it captures

The pain it brings

To experience the balance

To dance in the sunshine

And exist in the darkness

To experience its strength

To see its beauty past the anguish

To know the depth is limited.

As sharp as it feels

To trust

Its safe to feel into the cracks.

Into the fractures of the soul.

Deep into the darkness

Long enough to recognize the light

Glistening at the end

To hear the screams

And envision the ache escaping


Freely into the ether

Up to the heavens

Our cries carried.



To see the tears drip

Out of your soul

Into the earth

To regenerate

Become something new.

Something that could only be

Fed by the pain.

Something that rises because of it

Like a phoenix from the ashes

Realizing you were given the gift of love

A love that mattered.

That changed you

That morphed your being

That gave life.

Gave warmth

That built your capacity

Taught you

How you wanted to be

Love that has lived beyond death

That exists within me

Because of you.

A love that remains

Strong, fiery, powerful

Grand enough to be gifted to someone else

In the way you graced me with yours

In the way you showed me how.

In a way that brought me life.

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