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The Flame

I have a fire burning inside me

A passion ignited so intense

It stirs inside like a whirlwind

Engulfing every part of me.

Feeling the smoke smolder...

Allowing it to fill me up, boil over...

Am I fucking up

Or am I choosing to be a fierce advocate

For myself

My life, my emotions

The ones I never allowed to show

That I pushed down

Thinking they became ash.

Believed to have already burned

Have now reignited

Into embers blowing ferociously within me

Through every vein

Drumming with every beat

Growing fierce and wild

Do I fear the damage the fire can burn

Or do I embrace every second

Every passion,

Proving I am alive

This my meaning, my purpose

To show myself whatever burns

Is meant to go

The reason of life being to feel

To experience, to witness

I choose to welcome the fire

To fan it and allow it to spread

To ignite my soul

Fuel the appetite

Burn out of control

And allow whatever has deadened

Inside me to burn.

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