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The Bet

Place your bets at the highest stakes table.

Now, let it go.

The fear, the uncertainty, the self doubt.

Place your bet.

The time is now.

Cower or ante up

This is it

Lose the fear of losing.

Open the prison you have placed

Yourself in.

Make the bet

This isn’t for anyone else

But you.

You are at the table.

In the game.

Bet on yourself

The only real way to lose

Is not to play.

Not placing the bet

Knowing you have a full hand

A full heart

A willing ambition

A drive inside

Calling you

Pony up

Place the bet

Put it all on the table

And feel the freedom

In the chance to lose…

And the exhilaration in

The shot to win

She whispers from within

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2 Kommentare

Pony up. 😭. I mean. So resonant. I will read this everyday. For a while. Thanks again for the reminder of reason through the spin of collapse. Gestating in the discomfort. For now. So important to feel validation and understanding. Love.

Gefällt mir
Josie L James
Josie L James
06. März 2021
Antwort an

Validating and understanding Deb. Sending you so much love! Love you! Xoxo

Gefällt mir
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