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The Beginning

The beginning

The moment finally arising

The time being now

The moment you have been waiting for

When you say goodbye to who you once were

Acknowledging who you now are

When you accept the change

See it, Feel it

Admit it has happened

When you out grew where you once stood

When you have the faith

The belief, to proceed

To step forward, feeding the need

Out of the shell that no longer fits you

Onto this new ground.

Where you feel both fear and excitement

Because you know

This is where your feet belong

Confident. Capable.

You reached this new beginning

The one you felt coming.

The one you have been waiting for

The one you can’t deny

You must take it

It now alive.

Out of the making

Brewed from your core

You have been preparing its arrival

The once “someday” has become “now”

Right this moment

Built for you

Here at your foot steps

Waiting for you to break the ground you are destined for

The earth you have been built to quake

Leaving behind your story in its wake

To embark on something new

Only meant for you to accomplish

A beginning that can only be defined by you.

There was a beginning. One I waited for. One I prayed for. The ending of a past I felt shackled to. A past I was afraid to flee. Afraid to lose. That I lied to keep. While ironically it was never mine to have. That I only forced and willed to be a part of. Too fearful to ever be on my own.

The moment I was removed I was riddled with panic. Frozen. Ripped out. Taken from the flight or fight. Being trapped was where I found a freedom. It was being completely alone where I felt a release. A relief. Through my sobs, through my blurred and muddled vision, I finally saw an end.

For now I could finally be what I was destined for, instead of what the world told me I should be. I could live a life of my own instead of one for others.

It was finally up to me. The power taken by others. Their control merely a facade.

It was only in my loneliness that I could find myself. In the darkness that I noticed the light.

It was in the raw, the naked, that I saw who I was. It was getting stripped of everything I thought was there to see I had all I needed. It was failing at everything to see how I could succeed. It was a death that gave me life. It was an end, that gave me a beginning. It as being locked away to see I was imprisoned. It was cutting the shackles in my mind that made me free.

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2 commentaires

06 août 2021

Jojo! I love the feeling of energy moving forward in this post and also the acknowledgment of value in all that has come before. That really speaks to me!

I just notice your IG LIVE with Joshua is on your blog, too! That was great to see. Keep it up!

Josie L James
Josie L James
12 août 2021
En réponse à

Thank you so much Lisa! Xoxo ❤️

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