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Super Flower Blood Moon

A series of phenomenon in conjunction.

A mystery, mystical, natural seduction

Sunlight filtering through Earth's atmosphere

As the moon passes through the planet's shadow

For us to observe from down below

Causing a reddish hue

Causing an eclipse, the first of two

A celestial body, orbiting the Earth

Asking us all in this moment to give a certain birth

A birth of who we are and what we are all about

To accept it, own it, allow it to sprout

A Super Flower Blood Moon

An image of a super hero from space

Superior influence and infinite strength

A moon entering the darkness

Into the Earth's shadow with an eloquent finesse

Enticing us all to seek our own power

To open up, to bloom like a flower

From the blood line to the skin bare

Exposing us, exposing what we hold near

Illuminating the depths of our souls

Unwrapping each pedal and see how it unfolds

A guide shining high up within the galaxy

Controlling our moods as well as the sea

The tides of change, letting out a warrior cry

Making sure this moment doesn't pass us by.

Reminding us the time is now

To take notice and stand tall.

A request from the Super Flower Blood Moon,

Will we answer the call

A presence too cosmic to attempt to disobey

A call to action, go inward or pray

But allow the inside of you to glow up the night

Bring out who your are, allowing to take flight

To join the moon, radiating into the sky

Without a doubt, without asking why

But to show up for ourselves,

To see all this urging propels

Whether to take center stage,

Or to expose on the page.

But to blossom and allow, just as we are

A command, a pull from the galaxy afar.

Whispering out in the twinkle of star dust.

Own who you are- this is a must

The moon is tugging, the presence is among us

For nature itself has stated,

It is time we each are illuminated

Close your eyes and hold on tight

This is a demand from the super hero of the night

It is time for each of us to bloom

A demand, a pull, a call, from the Super Flower Blood Moon.

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