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Updated: Aug 9, 2023


A place I use to roam

An unknown island I once called home,

Where I ran away, chasing Peter Pan

Prancing off to a far away land

Running with the abandoned

The forgotten, the unseen

Avoiding the cruelty of life being obscene

A fairy tale of seclusion became our smoke screen

Nomads, outcasts, squatters.

Coasting about the clouds,

Avoiding rough waters.

Telling stories we imagined in our minds eye

With the other boys as lost as I

Others who have told the world goodbye

Together, a better place to be

A place we belonged, where we could roam free.

Finding a sacred camaraderie

Together we float within an abyss.

A horror to some was our underground bliss

Showing the world with each other, we could get through this

One another as our anchor

Convincing each other to never surrender

Up, Up, our home past the sky

With the boys as lost as I

A place only the lonely souls meet

A familiarity, a welcoming in their greet

Tucked away from society

Living an anarchy

Building a mutiny

Each other is all we have

Living here in Neverland

About the seas,

Deep in the woods,

Thick in the trees

Pirates, rainbows, pixie dust

A life of solitude I have grown to trust

A Tick Tock but a twist of time

Where the clock stood still

Living off free will

Controlling only what we could

While being misunderstood

Bonded by a brotherhood

Of a similar circumstance

A united stance

To fight the world so we can align

Trusting in fairies, in Tinkerbell's mime

Our interpretation for us to find

Led by a whimsical narrative, a magical hand

We created our own world

A unique Neverland.

Misfits, outcasts

In the middle of nowhere, isolated at last.

The only place where our dreams come true.

Through the stars, past the blue

Carried by our brotherly love

Shown in a wrestle, a tackle, a tug

Rough but stable

Hungry but able

These brothers and I becoming labeled

Each of them part of my tribe

Only our instinct we are guided by

A hope, a wish, the second star in the sky

No one to tell us what to do or why.

Seen as animals, we dressed the part

Never exposing what lies in our heart

Wearing costumes of skunks and bears

Masking our loneliness, our grief, our despairs.

Wondering if we were forgotten

Or if the world forgot to care

A home of our own making

Our reality for the taking

A freedom we wore with pride

Creating our destiny

A land of predictability

Where we can maneuver through our actuality

A place we can dodge Captain Hook

Where we can see the pirates coming

Predict their whistle or hear their humming.

Of magical creatures,

Gators and pirate thieves

Mermaids, Indian chiefs

Magic as our only belief

Dusting our selves with the powder We can fly! We can fly!

Together we rise, high in the sky

With these boys as lost as I

Away from all that can hurt us

Away from the rest of the globe

Bonded as lost, our connection our gold

Owning exactly where we stand

On the majestical, mischievous Neverland.

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1 commentaire

06 août 2021

Jojo, I love the journey from misfit, outcast and wondering to “owning where we stand.” That feels powerful to me. 💕

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