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"Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom"

There's a quote referenced that half believe could be a misquotation

A statement made under suspicious intention

One spoken but lost on a nation

One with meaning open to my interpretation

Leaving me questioning what an amazing thought

If this truly was sought

Not just by overseas but

By a country to bond United

To come together instead of being divided

“To let a hundred flowers bloom.

Let a hundred schools of thoughts contend."

If such a slogan came to fruition, more than pretend.

How would it assist the world to mend

A global phenomenon

That could possibly catch on

And spread like a contagion

Could you imagine if we made the room

Amid the fear, the anger that looms,

If we stepped aside and let nature resume

What we would miss out on

If we didn’t allow each to blossom

If to the mass variety we didn't grow accustom

How vacant the world would be of smell and vibrancy

Of colors, of spunk, of potency

The orchids, the lilies, the marigolds

All the beauty each flower beholds

Exposing what each is as their petal unfolds

Revealing the center and all that it holds

Appreciating the pinks, the purples, the blues

We all existing, each a unique hue

In the same garden

As nature intended

All wrapped around each other, harmoniously blended

Into a sea of vast shades

The vision of beauty our land would cascade

Each with a different leaf to turn

Under the same sun, Without a concern

Allowed to grow into the wild.

Not forced in a cage

Each blossoming at its own pace, at its own stage

The tulip, the rose, an aromatic sage

Each a budding into what it needs to be

All feeding the hummingbirds, the honey bees

The insects at last

Each with a purpose, a meaning, a task

A reason for being

How beautiful that could all be.

The violet, the hybrid, the golden poppy,

If we only allowed all flowers to extend free

Each getting nurtured from seed until bloom

Some opening to the sun, some unfolding to the moon

What if we existed as the garden demands

Each grounded on the same land

Each intertwined in each other's roots

While barring it's own budding, it's own mouthwatering fruit

Our commonality of all gazing up to the sky

Not fearing the rain or even a sting

The sun our unified nourishing

Each minding it's own growth, Mindful of its own shade

Moving with the earth, the wind as it sways

Never burdened with concern of one flower over powering the other

Not comparing each pedal against another

Taking care of itself while relishing in the splendor

Of all the many things each flower feeds

The organic beauty of each species seeds

The garden allowing all, not picking out weeds

Each a powerful might the individual flower possesses

Existing as it is without the stresses

Celebrating growth as its successes.

The jasmine, the hydrangeas, the irises

What each flower symbolizes.

What a gift of each, oh the surprises

Standing together, the fragrance that arises

To stop a minute and smell the rose

To see what that might transpose,

What can grow, what can transpire

Think of the humanity we could acquire

If we acted like a plant, more than like man

If we allowed each to stand as they stand

What would our garden look like

If we let each flower bloom

The aroma it would leave for the world to consume

To see the individual beauty instead of assume

One vision as the only way

If there was only one flower, one plant, one sprout

How we would miss what true beauty could come about

If we focused on the magic, instead of presume

To let each bud stem from the womb

How our entire world would feel the doom

If we never ...

"Let a hundred flowers bloom"

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