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Lessons of the Blue

I take my son to the beach often. So many lessons it can teach. In the deep, in the cold, in the joy, in the constant motions, in the breathtaking peace. I watch him frolic in the water. Along the sand. Playing, engaged in every second. Every moment. The pleasures in each discovery under every shell, of each bird, of the sea life around every turn. The beauty of life. Colorful and exciting. The vibration and sounds of the waves crashing against the wet shore, the birds singing, calling out from the sky. The smell of the salty ocean air. The spray of its cool mist. The sun peeking behind the clouds and reflecting off the water's surface. As much as I love and respect the water, as much as I also enjoy to frolic and play... I watch him.

The lessons the ocean has to teach him. Blue, his favorite color. The clear water. The care it takes to keep it that way. The freshness of its scent. The chill of its touch. Dark where its deep. Light where its shallow. Exposing parts of itself. Showing you paths. Different ways, different directions you can take. The infinite possibilities. The unknown atmosphere. The waves we splash in. Another world. Under water. Within the sea. As we soak in it. Rinse. Washing away any regrets. The mistakes of the day. Reviving the soul. Refreshing the aches. Renewed. Alive. Awoken.

"Mom, come play with me." He calls out.

Soaking in the moments, I can physically feel tick by. I join him. Stepping into the foaming white wash. Feeling the coolness between my toes. His smile as he feels the same. The water rushing over our bodies. The waves against our chests. Feeling the exhilaration of the power, the danger, yet diving in, head first, unsure of what you may encounter below the surface. Consumed with nature. In the wild, among the free. Feeling the rush of the water crashing around and against us. I hear my son yell with excitement. Squeal with glee. Celebrating each and every wave as our heads bob back above the surface.

Another wave comes, barreling down. Dunking us underwater once again. Hearing the squeaks of the dolphins in the distance. Close but unseen. Dancing within the same tide as we do. Near but out of reach. The reality and awareness we are in their home. A water they can see through. As we are blinded by the sand and salt. The tiny particles that float and glimmer. The natural glitter sparkling along the waters edge. A pixie dust. A magic we get to bathe in. Dive in. Jump and swim. A pull I plunge into and feel with every pore of my body. Every cell, every ounce of energy of my soul.

I surface to watch my son dive once again, belly flop onto the crashing waves. Enjoying every second. Absorbing the present and all it possesses. Watching the memories form. Me with him. Our life together. These priceless and developmental years I am so grateful to be a part of. To be present for. All while hoping he absorbs the rules of the ocean. That he flows so effortlessly in. That he changes with the parting tides. That he takes time to feel the tug of the moon and bask in the strength of the sun.

That he remembers me watching him. Jumping in the waves, holding his hand, dancing in the water. To the melody, the rhythm only the ocean can sing. As it pounds against the stillness of the shore. The life he sees. The different species. Together, sharing the sea. The different approaches. To play while at the same time respecting the immense power. Remain flexible and teachable with every crashing wave. Each different. Each with its own circumstances, its own possibilities. Aware of the danger you enter. While being educated on alternate ways out. If a rip tide comes, and sucks you in it’s grasp, if the current grows too strong, if you grow too weary. Too tired. If you've had enough. If the tide changes. Be prepared. Alert. Yet, willing to flow.

But enjoy the moment. The unpredictability of nature. The unforeseen in life. Learn how to maneuver without being sucked into the fears. To trust yourself. To trust your ability. While respecting all that the ocean is. Listen if you wish to dive. If your passion encourages you to move forward. If you crave for more. Listen to yourself when you’ve had enough. When you have become exhausted. When your body needs rest. Knowing as you float in the coolness of the water, even the sun can burn if you get too much. Always be close. Swim with legs reaching distance to the shore. But enjoy the ride within the many lessons the ocean teaches us.

And always remember I will be watching. Feel me holding your hand. Feel me celebrating in your heart. In every jump. In every ebb. In every flow. In these precious moments and far beyond. Remember our time leaping into the waves. Remember we made our way through the strong currents, we rode the rough waves, back to the safety of the shore. Remember we swam in the same waters with the dolphins, wild and free. Remember the rules the deep blue has taught you. Remember feeling scared and excited at the same time. Remember the thrill of being alive, of embracing, respecting and conquering the unknown. Remember you did it and carry that confidence with you. Remember me along your side cheering you forward, believing, knowing you could. Son, whenever you doubt, remember me when you reflect on the sea.

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