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In the Questions

How long has it been?

How long has it felt? When can we touch?

When will this melt?

What will happen next? Will this all end?

How many have died?

When will we mend?

These are the questions.

That swirl inside

The questions I no longer wish to hide.

Who is right? Who is wrong?

What are the sacrifices we all have to make?

In order to move on?

To do what's best?

To deny or to test?

How do we not all see the same?

Why do we point and try to blame?

Do some live in fear or reality?

To vaccinate or stoke the fire?

Will we continue to be on guard?

Or will we fatigue and tire? Why can't we heal?

Or find a common solution?

Why can't we hear each other?

And ignore the noise pollution?

Why are the only options to fight or follow an institution?

Does it have all our best interest at heart?

Our families, our babies

What is our part?

Do we fight? Do we succumb?

Do we follow the herd? Or beat to our own drum?

Can we unite?

Or crumble as we fight?

Is the denial systemic?

To disagree in a pandemic? To fight science over belief?

Meanwhile postponing the relief?

Carrying it on for now over a year?

Risking lives we hold so dear?

Can we ever see eye to eye?

So we don't watch our nation die?

Is it worth it to refuse to mask? To risk another vulnerable life, I ask?

Another life as we disagree over pro life or pro choice

Does that exempt the living?

Do you not hear their voice?

Preaching the bible, but pulling for those with pre existing to just die?

Would Jesus abandon the sick, or give unity a try?

Pray to heal and do so together?

Or fear for our economy and the rebound here after?

Money or lives?

Conspiracies or lies?

Can we act as humanely as possible?

Can we ever all follow the same protocol?

To end a virus once and for all?

Won't it die without a host?

Without a chance to mutate?

Causing this crisis to become a ghost?

Can we transform love from the hate?

During a crisis effecting the globe?

All this destruction from a tiny microbe? That we allow to win?

Have you let that sink in?

Can we recover? Heal?

Or has too much been undone?

What will we become?

Will we grow closer or become more numb?

Can it happen?

What's next?

It seems so simple, but feels so complex?

Why do I choose to speak?

All these questions are at their peak,

But, will I get the answers I seek?

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