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In the Eye

That chaos that consumes

That surrounds you

And attempts to engulf

To devour you

That blows everything around you

Into a unrecognizable flurry

Like a hurricane

A horrific storm

Watching powerlessly

Leaving everything in your life




As you stand in the middle

Your feet firmly on the ground

In the calm

In the eye of the storm

Watching it blow

Unable to control the weather

The emotions

The power

The things flung in your direction

The things blown, lifted up from the

Foundation where they used to lay

Things you had no idea could even move

In the eye

Where things are serene



Where you can only witness

To all that rush

Viciously around you

As you grow tired


So does the storm

The winds of change dying down

Eventually loosing power and purpose

After you've watched everything shift

Everything change

Now that it has settled

Once again

Leaving only a clarity behind

A silence

A breath

A different vision

Under the now crystal clear skies

A meaning suddenly replacing the chaos

A warmth replacing the chill

A tranquility preferred

A transparency only reached

After the storm

Because it happened

Because it blew away the debris

Because you stood and faced the wind

Because you watched

It happening around you,

Instead of happening to you

You saw the beauty of the uncertainty

You see you relied on the faith that exists there.

The blessing of the chaos

The freedom of the wind

You survived

Because you were

The eye of the storm

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