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I Imagine...

I imagine what it looks like to see the dawn

While spreading my wings

Coasting in the dark

Awakening at sundown

Like a lotus blossoming

Out of the murkiness of the swamp

Hot pink and blood orange pedals

Unfolding in the coffee colored water

Transforming from slumber into free bird I fly into the night

Under the glow of the moon

Through the thickness of the forest

The lushness of its trees

Into the red rock desert

Deserted and dry

Soil cracked and parched from the heat of the sun

As I glide through the star dust

Glistening off the back of my feathers

Back into the garden

Fresh of blooming spinach

Fragrant jasmine

And the spice of habanero

The root or turmeric under the earth

As I drift above the sparkle of the ocean

Into the winds of the sea

Under the lavender wisteria

I tuck myself back into a willow tree

Resting from the journey

Replenished from my night flight

As the sun just begins to peak

On the depth of the dark orchid horizon

I close my wide yellow eyes

Resting with gratitude from my journey

Of intimately knowing the beauty of the dark

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