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How Far Would You Descend

How far would descend

To catch the hand that belongs in yours

To what depth would you dive

Deep into the abyss

To avoid drowning in loneliness or regret

Would you plunge into the infinite waters to catch it

Into another world

The deep sea

With unknown creatures

And dangerous predators lurking behind every turn

Behind every rock,

Hidden in every cave

Into the darkness where the light can no longer touch

Where the current is swift and strong

Pulling you into uncharted territory

Where you're paralyzed from the cold

Chilled to your bone

So jolting it takes your breath away

Causing your heart to stop beating for only a moment

As you submerge

As the water surrounds you

Engulfs you

Would you dive so deep for that one hand

That belongs in yours

The pressure mounting the deeper you fall

Your last breath depleting

Would you persist

Deep into the vast crevasse

Knowing you can't survive without it

Of never feeling whole

Until you feel that hand within your palm

The place it belongs

When you grasp it back

And push your legs against the sandy sea floor

Back through the vortex

Through the rip tide

Making the struggle worth while

Back to the surface

To a familiar world

Where you can breathe again

With a passion exploding in our heart

Warming your chilled body from the inside

The sunlight beaming on your face

The water no longer feeling so cold

The ebb and flow of the tide now calm

Holding the hand that belongs in yours

Feeling the love that belongs in your heart

Realizing you were already drowning before you jumped

Knowing the real risk was if you never dove.

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Josie L James
Josie L James
Dec 12, 2020

Thank you Lisa! You always get me. 😊 We missed seeing you on zoom last night but can’t wait to see you on Sunday! ❤️ Xoxo


Lisa Dymond
Lisa Dymond
Dec 12, 2020

The whole journey felt unequivocal, realizing the drowning before jumping was the epiphany &, the ultimate in soul work, - “Knowing the real risk was if you never dove.” This is food for the journey.

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