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How Close

How close we all are

Without even knowing

The possibility looming...

A hair's breath from dying

How close we all are

Yearning to live everyday to its fullest

Questioning if I do

Knowing my time here is unknown

Aware the clock is ticking

Have I tried all that I dream of

Accomplished all that I have set out

Do I live in wonder, in amazement

Do I rush to the window to see the moon

Do I dive in the ocean

To hear the dolphins squeal

Do I dance in the rain

Or jump in all its puddles

Do I soak in all the moments I can with my son

His youth a chapter in time

His smile, his laugh, his warmth

His beauty

The soul that shines and teaches me what it is

To live in the here and now.

How he embraces life as he sees it

Without expectations of what should come

My young son, my teacher

Reminding me the gifts life has to offer

The gift he himself is

Do I soak it all in

Knowing my time here is unknown

My son, my teacher

I'm so grateful to not only be loved by you

But to have gotten to love you

A love so deep, so pure,

I questioned if I was capable

But with your breath, you instilled in me this love

This gift, this experience, this lesson.

As I know of death,

It is you who has given me life.

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Josie L James
Josie L James
Dec 04, 2020

Thank you Lisa. ❤️Your words of encouragement mean so much! Xoxo


Lisa Dymond
Lisa Dymond
Dec 04, 2020

Awww, I love this post because it speaks to me about the richness of feelings, brought by people, cherished through time.

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