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Today, I am doing a little something different. Today, this post, this identity poem, has been written by my 9 year old son. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on what you see in your own name? What do you identify with? What comes from your center? From your soul? Who do you see as you? And then share. I would love to hear... or read what comes to mind.

I hope you enjoy his poem as much as I did.


My name is Finley

My parents chose this name

Because they thought it was

A name I could grow into

And because they both liked it.

My name means fair haired warrior/hero

My hair is the color of a squirrel's tail

My eyes are the color of ocean waves

My feelings always change like the tide

I'm from Santa Monica, 9th Street

I'm a son of a man who works on a computer

And a mother who writes

No wonder I know how to create stories

I'm a kid named Finley

I have lots of friends

I am a warrior.

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