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Testing, testing,

Is this thing on?

I have something to say

While I have this mic,

I've had enough...

Of trying to be liked

I have learned the hard way

Or it took me way too long

To live the way I wish

To see where I belong

Owning who I am and accepting how I feel

Admitting my truths, saying what's real

Instead of appeasing only a few

While denying myself

Feeling the fester, watching it stew

A way of thinking I truly despise

A way of living I can no longer rationalize

Bringing my identity out of disguise

Admitting my truth as I realize

You expect what you expect, while I've lived the lies

I'm no longer willing to compromise

To placate you, while I refuse me

Thinking I'm doing you a favor, while keeping myself unfree

What's pumping in my heart

What pounds in my veins

I have to return to all that remains

My future only mine to claim

My literal bravery is speaking what's true

I want to live for me, no longer cater to you

I understand why you're upset,

Say I changed, my promises unkept

But the promise to myself is more clear

I can no longer ignore what I hold near

I'm done living in a state of fear

I will not continue to abandon me

Or not allow myself to be

Not again, so yes, I've changed

I guess I am the one to blame

I have stopped living life your way

Instead I will live for me, Do as I say

I don't wish to upset you or make you cry

I'm just not willing to let one more moment pass by

Where I don't be myself and do as I attest

I'll leave it at that, and let the argument rest

Knowing what I need to achieve

Following my heart and what I believe

I wish you luck to find yourself as well

Only you can feel compelled

To be as true and break the cultural spell

Of what you think you should be instead of what is

Only you will know the best way you can live

Or how to set out into the world as we are both meant to be

You do you, I'll be me

I know I have now laid down a lot of stuff

I just realized, I am enough

So, with that I will stop,

Take my exit,

And let this mic drop

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