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Am I a dreamer

Grasping at something that could never be

Do I wish instead of see

Living with my head in the clouds

Existing in my imagination instead of behind the crowd

Should I have a more realistic outlook

Am I avoiding reality, tucked in my own nook

Am I delusional

Or does the world need more of me

Breaking the possibilities

The status quo

Diving deeply below

Once an orphan

Poor white trash

Abandoned with little hope

Was I in denial

Or did I refuse to mope

Clinging to my dreams instead

Preferring my vision over the dread

Am I a dreamer

Or can I see another way

Viewing the bright side over the dark

Following the voice inside

My fire, my spark

Noticing the rainbow instead of the storm

Wishing for more and breaking the norm

The rules so many chose to follow

Going deep, refusing to be shallow

Appreciating the pause instead of seeing a break

Ignoring my passion is what causes me to ache

I would rather shoot for the stars and miss

Then shoot for mediocre, landing in the abyss

Will I ever become what I set out to

Will I ever accomplish what I wish to

I don't know

That remains to be seen

Maybe a reality or maybe a smoke screen

But a choice to continue to dream

A beauty I prefer to live within

An urge ignited in me to strive to

I will live my life seeing as I do

For it is to myself I am being true

Wishing, dreaming, seeing a different way to be

With rose colored glasses is how I prefer to see

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