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Notice of Administrative Boundary Change for Bureau of Land Management Districts in... Me

Effective immediately I have a new boundary of banishing bullshit from the county line of my life. We have reached our limit along side this border. You have flung your trash over our fence for long enough. I am done being on the receiving end and being the one to figure out how to dispose of it. Or live with it. The stench, the odor, the fumes, the infestation it brings.

I'm sure you felt a sense of relief throwing your garbage this way. I have been somewhat at fault. Not stepping in and always here to catch each bag hurled in this direction. But the landfill is full now. Your trash has worn out its welcome.

The filth is now seeping into other parts of my land. Land zoned for other ordinance. Land marked too organic and pure to be infected by vermin and the diseases your muck brings. All terrain too crucial, too important to allow your rubbish to pollute. Killing plants, blocking sights, visions of a land that used to be clear of such debris. The piles now so high it is difficult to see anything else. Now effecting any and all other parts of life. The wreckage that keeps coming this way. Piles I now see I have allowed to get out of control.

But in accordance with my own limits of tolerance, not anymore. If you have comments or complaints please kindly send them to yourself. I'm not interested in your excuses or if you understand where I am coming from, my view or my opinion. I am not interested in your yelling, your rhetoric or the reasons you disagree. Your magical thinking on your theories of why this should be allowed to continue. I'm all filled up on noise as well.

I am drowning in the shit you have thrown. I now have to stop it. Because you never will. I see how and why you wouldn't. There is no reason to on your end. I have been your disposal.

But the lot is full. I cannot take another heap. Another bag. Another spittle. It is going to take quite a while to clean up the mess I have allowed to accumulate. I need to get to work tending to my own land. My own health. My own field. To sow my own seeds.

I don't wish to build a wall and block out the sun shining down on our side. Or allocate any other resources to this cause. Instead, I graciously request and kindly ask for you to now fling your shit elsewhere.

Note to all concerned parties, we are all filled up. Our only agenda to clean what has already been dropped. We welcome you to come visit as long as you don't bring your crap with ya.

Best wishes on your future disposable efforts. I get it may be difficult to find a new place to take your litter, but again, its no longer welcome here. So, to that, I say, Happy Truckin' or Haulin' or just Good Day... and good luck in your endeavors.

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