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A Vow or A Blessing

This is either a vow or a blessing,

A wish for myself I am addressing,

Not just for the holiday or New Year,

But a way of life I hope will be clear...

I wish for you, myself, to stay in the moment

To gracefully steer through life and all its components

To feel,

To heal,

To see the distance in how far you have come.

To notice the times you have fallen and the many times you've begun

I wish for you to float in the clouds

While planting both feet firmly on ground,

To notice all that is around

To fill with gratitude at the beauty that surrounds

The warmth of those who love

The echo of a child’s laughter, their song or their hug

To know the gentleness of your soul

Trust your instinct and all it beholds

To accept the losses and the wins in some

To know when to battle

And when to succumb

To see the process in the journey

Be thankful how deeply we have been touched.

To see the blessings, to see there are so much.

Welcome the capacity to surrender.

To allow in all that unfolds

To pause in the pain,

Embrace the message it holds.

To allow yourself to be both soft and bold

To be tender in moments

and in others be strong

To notice we are exactly where we belong

When you do feel broken take the time

To hold yourself for however long it takes to mend

To not push it down, not have to pretend

To accept all that lies in front of you

In your bed or at your feet

To not deny all that you see

Or any feeling that may come to be

To fall into your body

And trust the road of discovery

To not question the passion that pulsates inside

The fire that has been ignited, that continues to reside

Not to run and refuse to hide

Notice this is a time to seek

An exploration in all that needs to be found

Accept your compassion, may your judgement be sound

To not feel the need to ask for permission

To allow all that comes, any transition

Listen to where we are led

Hear the hunger that needs to be fed

Do not be afraid of all that could hurt

Have faith in the outcome, don't live on alert

Don't let a single second pass

Where we don't see the beauty in every forecast

Enjoy the rain as much as the sun

Be daring enough to stay and see what will become

While letting go of whatever no longer serves

Ride the wave of life and all of its curves

Do not fear the unknowns that may occur

Rather be present in all that is stirred

Experience it all,

The floating and the fall,

To trust enough to answer the call

Have faith enough to believe

Be patient enough to see what we receive.

The ability to exist in the right here, right now

However we are and all that we wish

To have the courage, breathe into the risk.

To see everything as the gift that it is,

This present that has been sent.

Feeling both fear and thrill of being alive

While aware the time has arrived,

It's now all before us

To grasp within our palm.

Breathe it in with excitement but also stay calm

Trust our heart and quiet our mind

Feel the music, dance with the divine.

Remain open to all that we find.

I wish for myself this serenity,

A clarity,

Between us as a unity

In all the things that will come to be

To change only the things we can

Acknowledge all will not go as planned.

But be at peace and enjoy the glide

These are the wishes I hope will coincide

May it all come to fruition

Whether its a calling, a duty, a mission

A wish, a willing, a progressing

Whether this be a vow, a promise or a blessing

This is a wish for myself I am addressing

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