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To allow the season in me changing

Who I am is different.

Cell by cell I am rearranging

Like a puzzle morphing.

Like a wall dismantling

Something new rebuilding.

Like a stroke on a canvas

The broken pieces of me adhering,

Coming together

Becoming something new.

Stepping out of the way,

Allowing nature to ensue.

Admitting the old me, I have out grew.

In a way I could have never predicted

In a way I never knew.

In a way the guided has insisted.

In a way I refuse to resist it.

Like the Autumn, it is time to let those dead leaves fall.

To accept the revision

And admire it all

To not try to hold on to things that no longer serves.

To ride this wave of life,

Every one of its curves

These dead leaves that once created this branch

No longer have nutrients or an energy to withstand

Something that no longer can supply

Beginning a new lullaby

As these truths collapse like an avalanche.

Instead of running away from the crash

I feel compelled to allow instead of asking why.

Embracing the reality, it’s time to say goodbye

To who I once was

Without an urge to tame

It is time to let these leaves fall back

To the Earth in which they came.

Basking in the nakedness of my bald branches

Exposed for the earth to see

See how much I have lived

The things I have undid.

The risk and the chances

The failures, the advances

The beauty of each stage of life.

The mending of the heartbreak

The burning of strife.

The things I have extinguished,

Those that have revived.

Like a Phoenix from the ash,

The conflict that has clashed

Noticing when the webs have been spun,

The worlds that have been undone. The wars that have been fought

The survival that has been sought

But acknowledge when the battle is done.

Accept my losses and journey’s I've won

Knowing through it all I gave it my best

I have been silent, at times I have attest.

I have fought, I have won,

I have given up, I have begun

But this is a time for neither,

This is a time to acknowledge, through it all

I've done what I could.

I have suffered, I have withstood

I have been cursed, I have been blessed.

But now I see I am tired

And realizing the importance of rest.

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1 Kommentar

Josie, I love the deep tranquility of rest… so Nurturing and true.

Gefällt mir
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