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Your flirtatious melody

Your lyrical invite

To join you

Near the clouds

Away from the worries and into mid flight

Feeling the wind in our feathers

And the sunlight against our beaks

Flocking together

Gliding from peak to peak

Spiritually connected

From the dawn of the morning light

Past the dusk into the night

Let’s fly

You and me

Let’s dance in the breeze

And sing from our heart

Without a care in the world

Without a reason to part.

Not a judgement

Or a fear

Only this moment

Treasured. So clear

Grounding united only when we tire

Then hopping again, from tree branch to wire

Flying up into new sights

Soaring past limits to unexplored heights

Believing only on our own ability

Trusting an instinct,

Guided by an impulsive agility

A belief in our wings.

Away from the winters, entering the springs

Feeling the air beneath us

Flapping from limb to stone

Back through the clouds

To what we call home

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1 Comment

Aug 20, 2021

So very beautiful!

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