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What A Relief...

Like a lighthouse in the storm

Lost at sea in the crashing waves

I look out to the illumination that shines

With relief as I'm

Engulfed with rain and downpour

Unsure if this ship will plunge.

The strength of ocean too vast

Questioning the change of forecast

Or if I can go on.

I look out into the darkness

See the light shining like a beacon

Glistening in the night

There guiding me home

Away from the rough winds

To the safety of the shore.

What started out so swiftly

Will the nautical mood deliver

The moment changing like quick silver

A beauty to a beast

The warmth the light possesses

Proving earth is within my grasp

If I could only make it past

The thundering vibration of each crash

Breaking the icy chill expanding up my back.

Focusing on the hazy radiance in the blurriness of my gaze

Stepping foot back onto hard soil

With the unsteadiness of my sea legs

Picturing greener pastures

Fields of tulips in the spring

The wind dancing through each blade

The nourishing heat against my goose bumped skin

Thawing the ice that pulsates through my veins

As I teach myself to walk again

Bringing back the familiar

Out of the dampness of the rain

The rockiness of the water

Into the protection of shelter

Onto a pebbled shower floor

Stepping back into joy of water

Feeing it once more

Instead of the danger

I have experienced and now know

Reminding me of its gentleness

Rediscovering the refreshment of this foe

The comfort of running water,

The softness of its flow.

Allowing something else to take the helm

Picturing me dry, clean, red lipstick on my lips

The marking I will leave on cherished flesh

Against my finger tips

The warmth of the skin I get to touch

Into the arms of safety.

That enraptures me in its grasp

Just follow the beam of the light house

Proving this storm too shall pass.

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4 comentarios

11 feb 2022

Jojo, I love that I feel in my own flow of stream of consciousness as I read your words...all the action words landed as if they were moving through me & I love the metaphor of storms passing... Wonderful.

Me gusta
Josie L James
Josie L James
11 feb 2022
Contestando a

Thank you Lisa. I always love Getting your comments and insight. Xoxo

Me gusta

Chilling - as I read a passage from my own life in this moment. Beautiful words and phrases of encouragement. Perfectly in tune music of the soul!

Me gusta
Josie L James
Josie L James
11 feb 2022
Contestando a

Thank you so much Caroline. Your words always encourage me so much. I am always so grateful. Xoxo

Me gusta
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