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This Little Light of Mine

This little light of mine,

I'm gonna let you shine,

Through the winds of change,

The currents of uncertainty,

Through uncharted waters,

Surrounded with potentials to squelch.

This little light of mine,

I'm gonna let you shine,

Amid the doubt,

The fear,

The overwhelm

Despite the flows of the sea,

The power of the waves,

The coolness of the deep.

Your heat and radiance within

The one that has always been

My life raft

The heart

The center

The compass of guidance

The voice within my soul

Navigating the way forward

A constant glow

This little light of mine,

Please continue to shine,

Like a beacon in the dark.

Warming my soul

Vibrating my spirit,

Guiding me like a north star

Burning brightly within.

Whispering inward, to continue

Despite the circumstance,

The chance,

The risk,

If my heart is scared,

If my mind in question,

You are the force,

Pushing me to row,


Against the surf.

Knowing I will once reach desired land.

Trusting you to keep me afloat.

High above the abyss.




Feeling your flame

Deep inside

Illuminating me in the dark

Clarifying me in these vast waters.

This little light of mine,

Amid the battle to let you shine

I sense your strength,

Your wisdom,

Your intent ingrained.



A wild fire


Igniting me

Fueling my soul.

The power in your burn.

The beauty in your spark

Your beam a hue I rely across the blue.

This little light of mine,

Take the helm,

Away from the shore

Blaze across the thrashing seas.

The strong tides

The unpredictable swells.

I will protect you from the turbulent waters.

Believing in your flicker,

Existing in your flame

Trusting in your radiance.

In you, the essence of where and who I am.

This little light of mine

I ask you to shine



For the world to see.

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2 comentarios

Sally Joan Jones
Sally Joan Jones
24 ago 2020

So open and real. Gently developed - Just enough to carry your reader to your conclusion and empathize with the pain and the enlightening.

Me gusta

Lisa Dymond
Lisa Dymond
21 ago 2020

Jojo, I’ve been anticipating this Friday’s post, knowing it would speak to me, too. Divine timing. I felt goosebumps by the time I was 2/3 way through your poem, feeling the relationship to the light that develops in spite of and because of all circumstances. I love the last verse, especially, because of the surrender to the light & all that it is. This trust speaks to me of navigating whatever comes up because it is in service to offering all that is unique & meant to emerge specifically through every one special life. 🙏

Me gusta
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